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Page 1: Ayatul Kursi

Ayatul Kursi & 4Qul Necklace - A unique masterpiece complete with a sensational verse from the Quran. All handmade with genuine 925K sterling silver necklace will be an important detail of your style.

❌ No harmful chemicals, hypoallergenic and dirt-free
πŸš‘ Delicate on the skin, hypoallergenic.

πŸ‘πŸ» The Ayatul Kursi and Four Qul necklace fits men and women.
πŸ’  This is a trend/fashion for summer 2023
πŸ₯‡ 100% Certified Original 18K Gold Plated over 925 Sterling Silver.

πŸ‘πŸ» Under the high quality guarantee from RUSSOUX - 10 years of international experience
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πŸ’° Hassle-free return & money-back guarantee
🎁 You can send directly to your loved ones as a gift.

πŸ‘—πŸ‘•πŸ‘œπŸŽ“πŸŽ€ You can use it every day and on all occasions.

πŸ’ It is a good option for special occasions such as birthday gift, graduation gift, Eid Ramadan gift, Valentine's Day gift or gift for mothers and gift for a friend. The best gift idea for Muslims.

Ayatul Kursi / Ayatal Kursi / Ayetel Kursi / 4 Qul (Qul An-Nas (114), Qul Al-Falaq (113), Qul Al-Ikhlas (112), Qul Al-Kafirun (109).

This hadith can make us understand the importance of Ayatul Kursi easily.

Prophet Muhammad (ο·Ί) said, "If a person recites Ayatul Kursi after every obligatory prayer, he has the distance of death between him and heaven." That is why reading Ayatul Kursi is of great importance.

Ayatul Kursi is a verse of great importance. These verses are found in the second sura of the Qur'an. Ayatul Kursi is one of the greatest suras that is learned and memorized more than any surah.

The meaning of Ayatul Kursi has been described in many hadiths of the Holy Prophet (ο·Ί). We should learn it to get Allah's favor and blessing. There are several rewards for Ayatul Kursi.

All Muslims are allowed to recite successive Surahs. If recited regularly, a Muslim receives a double reward and unique virtues and benefits of 4 Qul.
Behind every Surah revelation there is a chosen reason with double rewards.
They are commonly known as the protective chapters of the entire Qur'an. First, 2 protects one from committing Shirk (considering that another person is equal to Allah), while the following defends against many evils in this global.
If you want to understand the Holy Quran, read and listen every day.

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